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Username: Anthony 2nd
Date/Time: Fri, November 3, 2000 at 8:52 PM GMT
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Subject: VOTE YES to .WEB, YES to .SITE but NO to AFILIAS



In my opinion this gathering of companies is too large to benefit the internet community.

This process is supposed to be creating some competition to the companies that make up Afilias. If Afilias take over the new TLDs then
that competition will expire.

It will be interesting to see if Afilias stays together and whether Network Solutions will share .com .net and .org with the other members  in the future.

Sanctioning the Afilias group is on a par with Microsoft, Linux and Apple taking charge of a new operating system or Intel, AMD and
Cyrix taking over a rival microprocessor firm.

I don't doubt that Afilias has the know how and the money to make a damn good job of running a new TLD and they have all the
experience you could need - but that is not why we are all here.

The internet is presently a mess and it is almost entirely down to a few of the Afilias members that are responsible for over 98% of it.

If the world was enthralled with the service it had received so far then I would be posting a different message here but I and I guess many others have received such poor service from the established players that the only just thing to do is bring in some new ones.

Name Space for .shop, IOD for .web JVTeam/Neustar for .site and CORE for .nom then allow the .union .coop .xxx .one and .kids to go
ahead to dilute the demand by cyber squatters.

In 1995 very few people accurately visualised the internet of 2000.

It is arrogant if we assume that in 2000 we can suddenly accuratly visualise the Internet of 2005 and beyond.

Nothing personal Afilias but you are too big. Perhaps if you had not included Network Solutions it might be very different?     


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