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Username: cgrady
Date/Time: Sat, October 14, 2000 at 7:01 AM GMT
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Subject: WOAH!! WOAH!! WOAH!! Can someone please verify this.


        I have attempted to put together a short list of blurbs to further my understanding of the current issues surrounding the .WEB TLD.  Based on some web references, a few of which are from Ken Stubbs himself (posted on the DNSO web site). Correct me if I am wrong, and I certainly hope that I am:

- IANA gave Image Online permission to establish the .WEB registry in 1995
- IANAs role was handed over to ICANN
- Network Solutions heavily funds ICANN?
- ICANN now funds IANA?
- ICANN has held off adding Image Onlines Registry to the root directory
- CORE attempted to take away the .WEB TLD from Image Online
- ICANN has asked for competitive bids for .WEB and other TLDs
- Afilias was created ONE MONTH AGO to compete with Image Online for the .WEB TLD
- Network Solutions is part of Afilias
- CORE is part of Afilias
- Afilias has a person by the name of Ken Stubbs on it's board of directors
- Ken Stubs is on the Board of Directors for CORE
- Ken Stubs is on the Board of Directors for Afilias
- Ken Stubs is connected to ICANN through DNSO
- Therefor Ken Stubbs is directly connected to the decision making process for a competitive bid in which companies he is involved with are competing?
- Afilias says that two companies called Tucows and Q9 will start a company called RegCo to help Afilias with it's registry
- Afilias makes allusions to offering IANA an equity role in RegCo if it is granted a TLD

(The same IANA who is funded by ICANN who is funded by Network Solutions who is a member of Afilias which is also co-owned by CORE)

(in the middle of all of this is Ken Stubbs, DNSO, a supporting organisation of ICANN, onthe board of managers of Afilias,  current chairman of CORE, officer of iDomains?)

Can someone please verify these issues?

Chris Grady
Vieodata, Inc.



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