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Username: webster
Date/Time: Sat, October 14, 2000 at 7:33 AM GMT
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Subject: Your CLUELESS


Did you even read their application........,I think not
NSI is not represented on the board of directors....
So how can NSI be leading them.....    

NSI has less than 5.25% in Afilias equal to each Entity....
Afilias will provide qualified ICANN-accredited registrars the opportunity to take an equity positions in Afilias.
Sounds open to me, and Reduces everyones ownership further.

IOD's monopoly doesn't offer that.  Look

John S. Frangie     52.4%
Christopher Ambler 37% ownership
Peggy Pierce        5% ownership
Tracey Thomas       5% ownership

Now competition?  Clearly..NOT..FROM..IODesign it's a Pure monopoly gouging the public.

Lower Prices you say Haha........Big Duh.....

Afilias will charge US$5.75 for each domain name registration per year

IOD's Rates
$15 per name, per year at the registry,
$20 per name, per year at theregistrar,
$35 per name, per year total

Now that is going Where is the competition...

IOD.....clearly doesn't look stable with postings like yours.  
Based on the Glaring lies I am reading here on these forums.

I VOTE NO TO IOD......  

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