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Username: World Thoughts
Date/Time: Sun, October 22, 2000 at 2:47 PM GMT
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Subject: Doesn't anyone find it odd that. . .


Doesn't anyone find it disconcerting that Afilias is not in here like some of the other applicants, in this official forum provided by ICANN?

That smacks of arrogance and inaccessibility. Questions put forth before Afilias in this forum have been (and will continue to be) disregarded and dismissed by them.

Is this what you want for the Internet: an entity that cares nothing about your opinions, cares nothing about replying to your questions and concerns?

IOD has been an active contributor in this forum, responding very quickly to questions put before it.

Rest assured that Afilias will make its entrance onto this board just moments before it closes. Afilias will come in with an official, public statement, but few will be monitoring that board at that precise moment, and the brief moment that will follow before the board is closed. And those who CAN respond will hardly be able to elaborately analyze the comments and issue a response. And rest assured, those who do issue a response will be ignored by Afilias.

Now, to be certain, the practice of issuing an 11th hour statement is not uncommon. AT&T did it in July, as did IOD. But IOD admitted to the reasoning.  And IOD had been there all along on the message board, as part of the process. It was merely their official response to ICANN's multiple questions that came as a late addition.

And IOD is here NOW, as part of the process.

The ONLY thing Afilias will contribute to this board will be the 11th hour statement. And don't hold your breath for them to take Q & A at that time.

This is what the pro-Afilias people on this board have to be proud of.


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