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Username: TheWebster
Date/Time: Sun, October 15, 2000 at 9:38 AM GMT
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Subject: Ken Stubs - Insider


I have read that Ken Stubbs serves on the Board of Directors.  As many of us are aware, the Board of Directors makes many important decisions.  I assume that the Afilias Board voted on the names that should be included on the Company's proposal (I'm not sure who else would have).  If so, did Mr. Stubbs argue against the inclusion of .Web during such a vote?  Since Mr. Stubbs serves on the Board, I assume that Afilias places a lot of value on his opinion.  If he felt that Afilias did not stand a good chance of winning .Web, Afilias would likely have listen to Mr. Stubbs' advice and opted not to include .Web.  But Afilias did, thus, I think we can assume with a fair amount of probability that Mr. Stubbs approved the inclusion of .Web.  Why would he feel so confident of including .Web to the Afilias proposal?  Perhaps because he is an insider at ICANN.  Mr. Stubbs has access to both the information and the people at ICANN.  His position also affords him influence within ICANN.  I'm not aware of any other applicant having such access to ICANN.  Do any of the other applicants have Directors on their board that are also insiders at ICANN?  I would certainly like to know.   


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