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Username: Ray
Date/Time: Thu, October 19, 2000 at 3:19 AM GMT
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Subject: maybe not so unsound?


there's a very tried and true method in the brick and mortar retail establishment where, say, a very successful pharmacy store chain will purchase commercial property right down the street from one of their stores for no other reason than to stop their competitors from buying it.  Obviously, they lose money from doing this but not as much, in their mind, vs. their competitor opening up a store.

I really can not figure why Afilias, with all of their resources and 'experts' would submit an application expecting to lose money at the 90% to 50% confidence level.  I was hoping some Afilias supporters would have responded, even if it was to question my math.  But, there has been no dispute.

So, it is not unreasonable to conclude that Afilias is looking to buy the .web space, even it means losing money in the process, just so a competitor can not.  With NSI on their team, they have the capital resources to tap whenever necessary.  Using the above example, Afilias is really just looking to protect the .com space, not so much develop the new store to compete against (itself). 

I wonder if this thought has yet dawned on the other 18 registrars/pawns.  I am not saying that .web still won't have it's place under the Afilias direction.  But probably more on the par to .net rather than making a serious run at .com - which is just possibly the way the true parties pulling the strings would want it.



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