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Username: Ray
Date/Time: Sun, October 22, 2000 at 1:36 PM GMT
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Subject: let's talk about open and fair


        Your point regarding IOD's .web is based upon the fact that this registry is not part of the A-root.  For if it already were, your argument would be moot.

So, let's talk about open and fariness specific to registries within the A-root (NSI is the only one that is, by the way).  You will see from reading below that NSI has compromised the integrity of their registry database specifc to the A-root for their own potential financial gain and Afilias is proposing to copy this exact process.

My understanding that, per the registrar accredation agreement, a registrar can not register domain names to themselves.  To do so would be in direct violation of their agreement with ICANN.
NSI, the registry, however, auto-renews each domain name registration on its anniversary date.  They then charge the registrar $6 for this service.

The registrar has a certain time period, like 30 days or something after anniversary date, to notify the NSI registry that (the customer) is not renewing a specific registration.  Upon this notification, the NSI registry then deletes the name for anyone to register.

The obvious conflict of interest here is that NSI is also a registrar (the largest by the way).  To their own advantage, NSI the registrar can choose to not notify their own registry 'to delete' thus allowing the registry to hold the name on the grounds they have a right to get their $6 back.

This is exactly the statement NSI has gone on record as stating.  They have also stated a desire to use their own auction site as the vehicle to recoup the $6.  They have not, to my knowledge, stated what they plan to do with the 'on-top' proceeds from such an auction.  Donating to charity is probably not on their list, however.

My question has been for some time who is the registrant of record of the domain name during the time period NSI the registry is trying to recoup the $6.  Up to now, the original registrant has been able to pay for the domain during this time even though 1) it is long past due and 2) this registrant may no longer desire to retain the name.  NSI can not be the registrant of record else they would be in direct violation of their registrar accredition agreement with ICANN(otherwise they would, I am sure).

So, it is really the registry that is forcing this action (in cohoots with their own registrar).  This, to me, is a serious compromise of database integrity on the part of the NSI registry strictly for their own potential financial gain. Purposely allowing such a compromise to take place poses serious questions as to whether NSI should, in any way, be involved in any additional registries.  A compromise in database integrity, let alone a willful compromise, can not be tolerated.

Afilias, to their arrogance, has submitted an application that duplicates this exact process.  I can point to the wording should anyone care to have me to.

The ICANN has been very silent up to now regarding this issue.  Hopefully, they plan to address it as part of their upcoming meetings in November.



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