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Username: enforcer
Date/Time: Tue, October 17, 2000 at 8:35 AM GMT
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Subject: 500,000 Domains  Stolen By Trademark? Holders During Sunrise Period


The sunrise period proposal by Afilias to allow existing trademark holders the ability to register domain names prior to the rest of the world is extremely unjust and flawed in this modern day. Not to mention the fact that ICANN foolishly considered exactly the same sunrise proposal prior to the Yokohama Meeting but came to their senses and rejected the idea after they realized the grass roots, worldwide opposition to it. Afilias has estimated that 500.000 such domains would be registered by them in .web alone during such a period. Off the top of my head, i know there isn't anywhere this many words in the english language. What would the world think when all the decent names are gone even before they had a chance at them. There would obviously be an uproar. This proposal defeats the purpose of adding new gtld's.        

Regardless, only worldwide trademarks should be protected anyway. When .com was introduced, it was meant to be for both the U.S.A. and the world. It ended up being dominated by American businesses. What the internet world needs is an extension which is for the world and America gets no more rights in it than any other nation - whether that nation is Germany, Chile, Uganda, or China is irrelevant if we wish to see a truly democratic internet that does not just cater to America. So famous worldwide marks such as Burger King, Mercedes, Coca-Cola, and eBay would be protected in .web. But all other trademarks where a company is only doing business actively in a handful of nations or less, would not.    

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