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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Sat, October 14, 2000 at 5:09 AM GMT
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Subject: TO ICANN BOARD MEMBERS: is a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing...


     TO ICANN:

No expects to believe that Network Solution, et al would not want to apply for the new TLD's...What we are saying LOUD and CLEAR is that we have used these companies and have been treated like third rate citizens and made to feel lucky that we got a 21 character domain name....God help if you want to change the DNS servers...and just because their big doesn't mean they will provide security protection...TUCOWS needs to tighten their loopholes...They are FAST...but I think they are loose on the domain transfer (my opinion and experience)...

So please see the reality of this conglomeration...They tell you that because they reach far and wide (registars from Japan, Sweden, US) that they will somehow perform better then they have so far...I say the underlying fact is they (Network Solutions/ would like to hold on to their monopoly and have added "guests" to their lists and created a company called Afilias...This does not instill confidence when a "new" company is formed...I remember the day when I looked on the ICANN website and was trying to figure out who this company was that was applying for .info, .site and .web...Never Heard of them (Same thing with Neustar)...Only through the grapevine did we get this info..true we could have gone to and got the info, but I really think this was done to go in under the radar....That is all I have to is a wolf in sheep's clothing ...Network Solutions owns most dot coms and would no doubt create a scheme to garner the dot webs...Register dot com will do the same..or is it Name Bargain..I vote for Image Online Design...yes I have a interest in seeing IOD become the registry, but I will say that they rank heads above as far as loyalty, stability and prior use of the dob web domain...


Greg Krajewski


Link: Link to why I think IOD should be the Dot Web Registry

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