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Username: Ray
Date/Time: Sun, October 15, 2000 at 3:26 PM GMT
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Subject: OK...look at this fact...


        From Afilias Registry Operators Proposal (Part I)      

      Domain Name Renewal

          In addition, as further described in Section E10 of the Description of TLD Policies, Afilias will automatically renew registrations by one year when domain registrations expire. Renewals, however, may be canceled by registrars for a refund of the renewal fee within 45 days of the renewal"

Further, from Section E10:

"Consistent with current practices of the current gTLD registry, in order to prevent the inadvertent expiration of a domain name registration, the Company will automatically renew domain name registrations according to the following process:

On the date the registration is to expire, if the registrar has not requested a renewal of the registration, the Company will renew it for a one year term and will charge the registrar's account on that date.

Upon such renewal, the Company will notify the registrar, which will then have the right to cancel the automatic renewal within forty-five days.

Even if the Company receives a cancellation request from the registrar, in order to prevent inadvertent cancellations, the registrar will have a five day grace period after the cancellation during which it can reinstate the registration. During this five day period, the domain name will be on hold, meaning that it will still appear as if registered until the grace period expires.

At the end of the grace period, if not reinstated, the domain name will immediately be released back to the general pool of available domain names and the Company will credit the registrar's account for the registration fee."

This is the same loophole Network Solutions has utilized to not release expired domains which has resulted in a compromise of database integrity on the part of NSI, the registry.  There are currently close to (if not over) a million expired domain names NSI is currently holding in com, net, and org.  NSI has publicly stated a desire to place the names on their own auction site as a means to recapture their $6 registry fees.  They have not, to my knowledge, gone on record as stating how the 'on-top' proceeds from the auction sale would be recognized - but one can use their imagination.

So, not only is Afilias not addressing this issue of registry database integrity, they are looking to duplicate it.  And the other registrar's that do not pony up $ to be part of this conglomerate?  Well, they have no chance to be the registrar for the expired domains for the .web, .site, and .info TLD's.  Great competitive system/plan.

Actually, this is not even a plan - it is real life at Network Solutions.  Check out the whois of (my personal initials).  Expire date 6/13/00.  If this is not a compromise of database integrity, I do not know what is. 

Now, someone would seriously consider allowing this to happen AGAIN with the registries of .web, .info, and or .site?  It would be a travesty to do so.




Link: NSI on-line payment status

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