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Date/Time: Tue, October 24, 2000 at 11:41 PM GMT
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Subject: Read This About NSI, For Perspective On Afilias Application


            by Milton Mueller, Syracuse University School of Information Studies.

I have looked over the Network solutions White Paper (
I hope its motivation is as transparent to others as it is to me. Basically this is an attempt to persuade ICANN to force all new TLDs to adopt standards and practices that increase costs and reduce innovation so that competition with com net and org registry is minimized. They are trying to raise the bar to entry so high that only a small number of large businesses will be eligible.

The same game was played by the telephone companies during liberalization. Imagine how many new telephone companies we would have had in 1984 if all of them had been expected to offer the exact same level of service and use the same operation standards as AT&T. Eventually, of course, MCI and Sprint and other companies grew up to the point where they could beat AT&T at its own game. But if AT&T-style requirements had been imposed on them as a condition of entry into the market, none of them would have been able to enter at all.

The NSI White paper attempts o make the relationship between new registries and new registrars *exactly like* the relationship between NSI and accredited registrars in com net and org. But most of these conditions were imposed on NSI because of its overwhelming dominance of the marketplace. It is not appropriate to apply the same conditions to new entrants, who do not have the same market share.

This article was found at, which is a fantastic site for info.  Consider this post a plug for the great


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