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Username: electricexec
Date/Time: Mon, October 23, 2000 at 2:14 PM GMT
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Subject: the cooperative network


        As the president of an electric cooperative, I would like to comment on viability of establishing .co-op as a TLD.

Cooperatives are a different type of organization that do not exactly fit the same description of the average entity seeking a .com or .org designation.

Yes, we are non-profit, but we are also businesses that follow the International Cooperative Alliance cooperative principles, such as member ownership and control. That makes our job more challenging than investor-owned businesses, but it has also earned us the trust of the people we serve. Having our own designation would set us apart, as we should be.

It's critical that cooperative businesses have an opportunity to identify themselves to consumers and others who prefer to do business with us. Consumers need a way to find the businesses they trust on the Internet. The .co-op TLD will help do that.

Though my cooperative, Holmes-Wayne Electric, provides electric service to mostly rural consumers, co-ops operate in numerous industries in a variety of settings around the world. I am told there are 750,000 cooperatives worldwide with 725 million members. As a result, the .co-op TLD will apply to a broad range of businesses across the globe.

Please act speedily to approve .co-op.

Thank you.


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