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Username: foodfront
Date/Time: Sat, November 4, 2000 at 8:04 PM GMT
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Subject: Support for .co-op


      Food Front Cooperative Grocery in Portland Oregon supports the proposed TLD for .co-op. On behalf of our 2,000 members, I urge ICANN to approve the .co-op TLD as proposed by the NCBA and Poptel (and endorsed by the International Coopertaive Alliance).

Food Front is a natural foods grocery store that has served Portland Oregon for over 28 years. Our members and customers do not see Food Front as a conventional business, but as a member and community owned entity that is in service to its member-owners, i.e a cooperative. Although we are a retail entity, the .com TLD does not clearly communicate to Web users our true nature. Cooperatives have a unique ownership structure that makes them very different from other businesses--a difference recognized by consumers.

The .co-op TLD would make it possible for cooperatives to be more accessible, visible, and understandable to consumers who are looking for businesses they prefer and trust. With cooperatives all over the world, involved in all kinds of industries, serving millions of people in urban and rural communities, the .co-op TLD will be a important designation and tool for reaching people.

I hope ICANN will procede quickly to approve the .co-op TLD.

On behalf of Food Front Cooperative Grocery,
Holly Jarvis, General Manager
2375 NW Thurman St.
Portland OR   97210


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