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Username: jbaugh
Date/Time: Fri, October 27, 2000 at 6:19 PM GMT
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Subject: Support for the .co-op TLD application


              As the Network Services Manager and former administrator of our regional ISP, I am aware of the importance of rapid identification of domains. With the proliferation of domains through out the Internet, it is vital that cooperatives have a means to distinguish themselves from other providers. Using the .co-op TLD will provide that means. I anticipate that we would register our 30+ domains under the new extension, as soon as it became available. This will be a valuable tool for branding all types of cooperative services, both in the energy market and anywhere else that cooperatives function. There are numerous cooperatives in the USA and across that world that would benefit from having this TLD. Please support the .co-op application and create a new tool for cooperatives to use in their quest for excellent customer service.




Joseph B. Baugh, BSCS, CCNA, CCDA, CUA, CCSE
Network Services Manager Arizona Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. 
phone:  520.586.5111    fax:    520.586.5343
pager:  520.793.0732    text:



Link: Arizona Electric Power Cooperative

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