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Username: cvonrabe
Date/Time: Fri, November 3, 2000 at 8:22 PM GMT
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Subject: Yes! to .co-op, says Whole Foods Co-op, Duluth


                On behalf of Whole Foods Community Co-op and it's
members, I am adding my voice to those in support of the National
Cooperative Business Association (NCBA) and Poptel's proposal of
.co-op. The International Co-operative Alliance has fully endorsed
this idea, as well as, a significant number of functioning co-ops as
is clear by the number of comments below.

Whole Foods Co-op has gained the recognition, not only of our direct
community (Duluth, MN and Superior, WI) but also that of a significant
surrounding area (NorthEastern MN, Northern WI and Upper MI) for not
only providing healthy organic food, but for a different approach to
running a business.

Whole Foods Co-op does have a registered url (, but
the .com hardly defines us as an entity. We work hard to provide our
customers with the best products and services that are available to
us. We also follow the International Cooperative Alliance cooperative
principles and apply them in everyday activities, and particularly
consider our role as an educator important to our community.

In this day and age of .com this and .com that, consumer have begun to
have concerns about e-business. The incorporation of .co-op would
immeadiately differentiate our web presence. There is a large and
significant number of people who would be relieved to be able to
easily identify an e-business as a cooperative.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment andwe urge ICANN to quickly
adopt the .co-op TLD.

Chris von Rabenau
Assistant Manager
Whole Foods Community Co-op
1332 E 4th S


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