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Username: alleni
Date/Time: Tue, October 24, 2000 at 4:14 PM GMT
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Subject: Co-ops, not the ordinary .org


        As an employee of a co-operative institution for the past 20 years, the National Rural Electric cooperative Association, I have come to know and appreciate the unique aspects and the effectiveness of this type of institution.   On behalf of NRECA, its roughly 1,000 member rural electric cooperatives, and the 750,000 cooperatives of all kinds around the world which are also part of the huge network, I am writing to urge the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to approve the proposal for a .co-op TLD.

I have been working for years with NRECA’s international programs and have observed the growing interest among governments and other parties around the world of cooperatives in a new environment of privatization and democratization.  The unique aspects of co-ops is what  has proved to be the secret in its success in cost-effectively addressing the problems facing rural electrification in developing countries. 

It is therefore critical that cooperative businesses have an opportunity to identify themselves to consumers and others who prefer to do business with us.  While many cooperatives use .com and .org, neither accurately characterizes co-ops to Internet users. Consumers need a way to find the businesses they trust on the Internet. The .co-op TLD will help do that.

I urge you to approve .co-op as a TLD which will apply to a broad and unique range of businesses around the globe.


Allen R. Inversin
Senior Project Analyst
NRECA International Programs


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