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Username: Tantric
Date/Time: Thu, October 26, 2000 at 11:29 AM GMT
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Subject: .co-op essential


I represent Tantric Technologies Co-op, a workers co-op in Southampton, UK that has been working with the Internet since 1993. We have striven to differentiate our company, as a co-op, on the Internet, but the only domain available to date has been or .com, neither of which truly reflect our co-operative identity.

The suffix .co-op will strengthen the global co-operative identity for co-ops, providing a common home for all co-ops.

In a world (and Internet) that is becoming ever more dominated by corporations, the .co-op TLD will strengthen the Internet's diversity and usefulness to all people.

Co-ops are a distinct space of human endeavour, which is very different to commerce, government and education. By approving the .co-op TLD, ICANN will be endowing the global co-op movement with the digital identity it so richly deserves and needs to thrive in the 21st. century.

Ian Thomas
pp Tantric Technologies Co-op Ltd



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