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Username: pazfamily
Date/Time: Tue, October 31, 2000 at 7:44 AM GMT
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Subject: support for .coop TLD


  The Committee on International Relations of the Israeli cooperative movement,representing the Central Union of Cooperative Societies, the Blue Square Consumer Cooperatives, the agricultural cooperatives (kibbutzim,moshavim etc.), the Cooperative College and other cooperatives strongly supports the creation of a .coop (or .co-op)TLD.
Cooperatives are the largest ngo in the world, with over 750,000,000 members in more than 150 countries on all six continents. They are significant socio-economic institutions in industrialized, developing,newly-industrialized and former centralized-economy countries. Their fields of endeavor include agriculture,finance,housing, industry and handicrafts,insurance,consumer goods provision,transport, tourism etc. as well as education,health,care of the aged,culture and recreation and more.Altogether, cooperatives constitute one of the largest, the most universal, the oldest ( the roof organization of the world's cooperatives, the International Cooperative Alliance,ICA,was founded in 1895)and most firmly established of social frameworks. As democratic, member-controlled, self-reliant and equitable enterprises they serve their members and contribute significantly to the sustainable,human-focussed development of their communities and societies.
The creation of the .coop TLD will be of great importance for cooperatives. It will enable them to establish and protect their unique identity on the internet. It will enable customers to easily recognize and reach cooperatives which are widely regarded as ethical businesses more atuned to consumer concerns than are profit-driven enterprises. It will help to inform internet users as to the nature and potential of cooperatives and as to their values and principles which include equity,democracy,self-help and solidarity.The creation of .coop will serve the internet and its spirit as well as strengthening the cooperatives all over the world.
For all these reasons, and because cooperatives played such a major role in the genesis and development of our country, the Israeli cooperative movement supports the creation of .coop (or,as noted, .co-op) and urges ICANN to give its approval to this proposal.
Yehudah Paz, chairman, Committee on International Relations of the Israeli cooperative movement
Director, International Relations, Central Union of Cooperative Societies, Israel
Member of the Board, International Cooperative Alliance,ICA   


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