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Username: adamsec
Date/Time: Fri, October 27, 2000 at 2:22 PM GMT
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Subject: Support for .co-op and .coop from Adams Electric


        On behalf of the 26,000 members of Adams Electric Cooperative, I urge the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers to approve the proposal for .co-op and .coop top-level domains (TLD). The National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA) and Poptel are proposing these names with the full endorsement of the International Cooperative Alliance. Supporters also include the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation, the National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative and the Federated Rural Electric Insurance Exchange.

Adams Electric is a member-owned electric distribution utility serving homes, farms and businesses in a four-county region of south-central Pennsylvania. We follow the International Cooperative Alliance cooperative principles, such as member ownership and control.

We believe it is critical that cooperative businesses have an opportunity to identify themselves to consumers and others who prefer to do business with us. Consumers need a way to find the businesses they trust on the Internet.

As the electric utility industry has deregulated in the state of Pennsylvania, one of our challenges is creating an identity and image separate from that of investor-owned and municipal-owned electric utilities. That is why we feel a choice of .co-op and  .coop would be most helpful in creating a unique identity for our cooperative on the Web.

Though our cooperative provides electric service to predominantly rural consumers, co-ops operate in virtually all industries, in 100 countries, and in both rural and urban areas; there are 750,000 cooperatives worldwide with 725 million members. As a result, the .co-op and .coop TLDs will apply to a broad range of businesses across the globe.

I urge you to move quickly to approve .co-op and .coop.

Dan Murray,
CEO/General Manager,
Adams Electric Cooperative, Inc.       


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