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Username: CGANE
Date/Time: Tue, October 24, 2000 at 12:22 AM GMT
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Subject: Co-op designation


      I fully support the proposal for a .co-op domain name. Cooperatives represent a structure of business directly owned by the consumers, workers, or participants in that business. As such, the business motivation is more than just a profit, and in my opinion, this is a welcome and needed alternative to the capitalist economy. In my opinion, cooperatives are a strong voice representing more clearly the public interest, yet because cooperatives must compete with purely profit-oriented businesses, they have difficulty succeeding while still paying attention to their multiple bottom lines. By creating a .co-op domain name, cooperatives would gain a visability which would give opportunity to enhance the public's understanding of the cooperative difference.

The internet is a tremendous public asset. I have concern that capitalist business will turn it into another commercial building block (as they have radio and television). I hope and expect that a .co-op domain name would enhance the public interest, give voice to the publicly owned cooperative enterprises, and thereby strengthen the public's voice and democracy.

David Fowle
Administrator - Cooperative Grocers Association of the Northeast
General Manager - Wild Oats Cooperative



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