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Username: johneic3
Date/Time: Fri, November 3, 2000 at 3:20 PM GMT
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Subject: Affirm support for .coop


      On behalf of our cooperative, which is a member of NCGA, I would like to confirm our support for a .coop TLD.  We currently use .com, but I believe .coop would help us to build solidarity between coops by reinforcing awareness of our common ideals.  A .coop domain name would also create and reinforce awareness of the purpose and goals of our cooperatives by identifying our web presence as belonging to a cooperative. 

Cooperatives are distinct types of businesses, created and managed to meet the needs of their members.  By exposing ourselves as cooperatives through a .coop TLD, we are expanding opportunities for individuals to learn about and join cooperatives.  A .coop TLD will add value to the internet experience of all who use it, be they visitors or sponsors, and is in keeping with the spirit of the original TLD structure. 

I urge ICANN to move quickly to approve .coop.

John Eichholz
Green Fields Market
144 Main Street
Greenfield, MA USA


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