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Username: Strategies
Date/Time: Thu, October 19, 2000 at 4:06 PM GMT
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Subject: IATA's application for the .travel TLD


      I strongly oppose IATA's application to control the .travel TLD.  As a former airline manager and COO of a travel agency I can say unequivocally that IATA cannot be entrusted with this responsibility.  Their past history demonstrates that they would give preference to their members at the expense of non-members both inside and outside the travel industry.  Indeed, many of IATA's practices are so heavy handed they would not pass antitrust scrutiny in the United States.

IATA's claim that they would not control the TLD is at best amusing.  Their claim that they would partner with the travel industry is at best disingenuous.  And, their claim that they would establish objective and transparent criteria lacks credibility.

As a business consultant who specializes in the travel industry I would not want IATA establishing criteria for my company via approving my domain name.  In my opinion, IATA is not the right organization to administer the .travel TLD and another entity should be found.

Thank you,

Gerald Pantalone
Strategies Unlimited
Boxford, MA  USA


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