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Username: B.Backman
Date/Time: Fri, November 3, 2000 at 4:33 PM GMT
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Subject: UFTAA  announces support  for IATA ".travel" proposal


UFTAA, the Universal Federation of Travel Agents' Associations represents the largest federation of travel agency associations that exists today world-wide.  UFTAA member national associations are in 97 countries, representing over 48,000 individual travel agencies.  UFTAA maintains an ongoing dialogue on travel agent issues with IATA through a formally constituted body:  the "Global Consultative Council", which represents all IATA accredited travel agents outside the United States.

UFTAA also has affiliated members in non-UFTAA member countries, including the United States.  They are travel agents, tour operators, wholesalers, hotels, cruise companies, car rental companies, tourism boards and other associations allied to the tourist industry.

UFTAA has consultative status with UN/NGO/ECOSOC and works closely with other international organisations such as UNESCO, WHO, WTO, IRU, UIC, etc.

On behalf of our Membership, UFTAA has had ongoing active discussions with IATA regarding the .travel initiative.  These discussions focused on clarification of the management process of the domain in order to ensure a fully transparent and equally balanced relationship.  IATA has assured UFTAA in writing that the entire industry will be equally represented at all management levels.

This will specifically include the Advisory Board and the Registrar Forum.  It has been further agreed that IATA will not dominate any management level nor have a right of veto.

IATA has confirmed that IATA accredited travel agents as well as individual members in our national associations will automatically qualify to receive a .travel domain name.

UFTAA has relayed and discussed the IATA initiative with its board of directors at a meeting held October 28, 2000 supporting the importance of this initiative and its benefits to both the travel agency industry as well as the consumers.  With the written clarifications from IATA noted above, the Board of UFTAA fully endorses and supports the IATA application for ".travel" TLD.

UFTAA urges ICANN to consider the application from IATA in a positive way and accept IATA's .travel TLD application.

Michael Hannah

Birger Backman
Secretary General


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