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Username: tomk
Date/Time: Sun, November 5, 2000 at 11:06 PM GMT
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Subject: Amtrak Support  for IATA's .travel proposal


        The travel industry has enjoyed considerable success due to the growth of the Internet as a means of presenting consumers with new travel choices the world over.  The success of the Internet is due, in no small part, to organizations both public and private that have allowed growth in an orderly consistent way. 

Amtrak believes the creation of a new Top Level Domain (TLD) ".travel" will further the success of Internet travel providers by giving consumers a level of trust in a TLD devoted to travel. This assurance by use of the ".travel" TLD and its successful administration can be an opportunity to let all facets of the travel industry continue to grow along with the Internet as a whole.

IATA has accepted responsibility to be a fair and inclusive body in an administrative role of the ".travel" TLD. Thus we find IATA's application to be persuasive and support their application for the ".travel" TLD.

Thomas Krotchko
Amtrak Technologies


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