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Username: China International Travel Service (CITS
Date/Time: Fri, November 3, 2000 at 4:17 PM GMT
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Subject: Support of CITS to IATA ". travel"Application


(Note: China International Travel Service (CITS) is the largest travel agent in China covering some 80% of the entire travel spectrum, both inbound and outbound. Currently, approx. 6000 travel agents operate in China)) 

Dear Sir/Madam

This comment if filed in support of the IATA proposal to sponsor a ".travel" TLD.

Travel has already established itself as the largest component of e-commerce but many consumers remain reluctant to purchase travel over the web because of uncertainty about the reputation and reliability of ".com" website operators who may be geographically remote, and whose qualifications and capabilities have not been verified by any independent party.

By screening ".travel" website operators to assure compliance with transparent and objective criteria relevant to the conduct of e-commerce, IATA's innovative proposal will add value for both consumers and businesses.  It will also give consumers the confidence necessary if e-business is to compete on an equal footing with traditional brick-and-mortar alternatives.

IATA has served as a neutral, trusted intermediary for decades, enabling the travel industry to efficiently meet the needs of its customers.  IATA's acknowledged strengths include standard setting, the accreditation of travel businesses and assignment of codes for airline, airports, etc.  Thus, it is ideally positioned to perform the screening and verification functions which lie at the heart of the proposal and which are notably absent from today's ". com" environment.

We strongly encourage ICANN to grant the IATA application.  This will not only enable the merits of this innovative concept to be proven, but may also have direct applications to other sectors of the new economy in the future.

Yours faithfully

China International Travel Service (CITS)
CITS Building, 103 Fuxingmennei AVE.
Beijing, 100800  P.R. China
Tel. (86 10) 6606 2342
Fax. (86 10) 6603 9320


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