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Username: Nordo
Date/Time: Tue, October 24, 2000 at 4:51 PM GMT
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Subject: IATA application for .travel is bad business


The following opinion is mine alone based on my 25+ years in the Canadian travel industry (20 years in management) and in no way reflect the opinions of the company with which I am employed.

I have had the weekend to reflect on the IATA request for the new TLD Top Level Domain ".travel"

The "travel industry" is made up of thousands of vendors ... scheduled airlines, hotel, car, tour operators, charter carriers, consolidators, travel insurance companies, tourist boards, education facilities and so on ...

IATA being the International AIR TRANSPORT Association is responsible to senior managers drawn from member airlines of IATA.

IATA represent only one facet of the "travel industry" ... It does not seem reasonable that anyone of the above mention vendors
groups should receive the TLD for ".travel"

Over the past 2 decades I have at various points in time devoted substantial time, for the growth and improvement of ACTA, in the hopes of developing a stronger and more professional industry.  The ACTA membership is comprised of all vendor sectors.

ACTA has proven to me over the years to have a balanced view of the travel industry ... ensuring the "health" of the travel industry is vibrant for all aspect of the membership .  IATA to me has been more of a bureaucratic institution, somewhat withdrawn and secretive.  Certainly not a highly service oriented organization.  ACTA is not perfect, but it does represent the various vendor membership with fairness and open communication.  In the travel industry we want to belong to ACTA ... we are mandated to deal with IATA ... not necessarily a bad thing ... but a different service experience is provided given this mandate.

I would assume that most things I have stated regarding ACTA would also apply to ASTA in the same spirit.

Thank you for your consideration.
David Nordheimer       


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