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Username: Baillie
Date/Time: Thu, October 26, 2000 at 3:29 PM GMT
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Subject: IATA proposal to sponsor the .travel TLD


                           This comment is filed in opposition to the IATA proposal to sponsor the proposed .travel TLD.

As an association which exists to serve the needs of only its airline members, IATA is not an organization that represents or is responsive to the travel industry as a whole. While the airlines are a major segment of the travel industry, they are just one segment among many.

I am far from comfortable with the idea of granting IATA the sole right to establish whatever arbitrary standards and criteria it may choose to impose to determine the legitimacy of businesses in other segments of the industry, to include but not limited to cruise lines, tour companies, hotel companies, rental car companies, rail companies, attractions, theme parks, tourist boards and travel agencies, in terms of who may and who may not be allowed to use the .travel TLD.

The concept of a .travel domain is a very attractive one from many standpoints but I strongly oppose granting control of who may use that domain to any organization representing only the interests of just one segment of what is, in reality, a very broad and widely varied industry. 


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