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Username: AAPA
Date/Time: Wed, October 25, 2000 at 9:32 AM GMT
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Subject: IATA's proposal should be supported


This comment is filed in support of the IATA proposal to sponsor a ¡§.travel¡¨ Top Level Domain. 

Travel has already established itself as the largest component of e-commerce but the full potential of the internet as a distribution channel for travel and products will not be realized until consumers can assure themselves that the businesses they deal with are credible companies.  This is particularly important when the travel products that consumers purchase are of high value and need to carry a guarantee of service delivery.       No consumers will consent to buy such an internet product with a risk of not being able to be accommodated on a flight or at a hotel or on a tour because of a disreputable internet site.  The confidence that consumers have or the lack of it will certainly weigh heavily on the success of E-commerce undertakings.

IATA has put forth a proposal to have established a new domain ¡§.travel¡¨ to address this issue, among others.  By screening ¡§.travel¡¨ website operators to assure compliance with transparent and objective criteria relevant to the conduct of E-commerce, IATA¡¦s proposal will add value for both consumers and businesses.

IATA has served as a neutral, trusted intermediary for decades, enabling the travel industry to efficiently meet the needs of its customers.  IATA¡¦s acknowledged strengths include standard-setting, the accreditation of travel businesses and assignment of codes for airlines, airports etc.  Thus, it is ideally positioned to perform the screening and verification functions which lie a the heart of the proposal and which are notably absent from today¡¦s ¡§.com¡¨ environment.

We strongly encourage ICANN to grant the IATA application. This will enable the merits of this innovative concept to be proven and to assure that travel as a sector can fully participate in the internet revolution.



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