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Username: stephan
Date/Time: Wed, November 1, 2000 at 1:04 AM GMT
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    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

After reading the other comments it is obvious that only the airlines support IATA as a choice.

Surely you can find a less controversial and more impartial organization to be the custodian of the dot-travel TLD.  IATA represents the airlines only, not hotels, not tour operators, not cruises, not trains, not resorts, not cars, not sightseeing.  The airlines, as you know, have been greatly criticized for a decade now, by the government, the travel industry, and most importantly their customers that they continue to make miserable. 

In addition to being an organization that exists solely to represent only one segment of the immense travel industry, IATA has already stated questionable motives with its plan to gouge $500 for domain names (TALK ABOUT GREED)that currently sell for $25.  Additionally, IATA would be allowed to set the rules as to who would be eligible.  As the different segments of the travel industry compete with each other this would give the airlines an unfair advantage of which they have already been often accused.  This would surely encourage more government regulation.  Is this REALLY the direction we want to see the Internet take?  I highly recommend you think this one through, and do the homework, and find a better applicant, or we may see a major uprising by Internet users.

Bill Stephan
Chairman / CEO
Luxury Vacation Mall . Com


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