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Username: skibum
Date/Time: Fri, October 27, 2000 at 8:35 AM GMT
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Subject: IATA in control of dot-travel TLD


As the owner and manager of a travel agency, I disagree quite strongly with IATA having control of the proposed .travel domain.

IATA are basically an airline body that already exerts a lot of power within the global travel industry. I disagree with the suggestion by IATA and it's obvious airline supporters that it is the logical organisation to provide stability and control for a specialist travel TLD.

An appropriate body would be one formed with representation from a broad cross-section of the travel industry. IATA does not represent the broader travel community, as much as it may claim to that, IATA has historically operated with a vested interest and I cannot see that changing.

Granting IATA control of .travel would effectivly grant them complete control of the sales in the travel industry, despite the point of sale or the industry segment.

Given a choice between the IATA model and the current free-for-all, I would still opt for the free-for-all as small to medium size business will still have a chance; however, a neutral body with representation from varied travel industry sectors would be my preferred option.

I do believe that you will find very few people taking the middle ground on the subject of IATA, airlines and their associates will always rally to IATA's cause, and the majority of travel agents will oppose any further controls by IATA as many would argue that they have too much power already.



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