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Username: gomw
Date/Time: Mon, October 23, 2000 at 11:29 PM GMT
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Subject: " TRAVEL " is FAR MORE than just airlines


        Oct. 23 , 2000
" Cartels " are NEVER operating ' In the Public Interest '. NEVER ....  The airlines ' control ' roughly 6% of air travel that is handled directly and not thru travel agents. There are myriad
hotels , cruise lines , tour operators , car rentals , limo and transfer services to say nothing of tourist boards and offices ,
all of whom would find it beneficial to utilize  . travel for
their operations .  In just the North American market there are over 377,000 travel agency staff members selling travel. Worldwide
there are many thousands more . To place the ' Cartel ' in charge of being the ' gatekeeper ' of this  . travel Registration is
absolutely unthinkable .  All that travel agents are asking is
that the ' gatekeeper ' for this be someone NOT operating as an ' arm ' of the airlines OR ' operating under their direct/indirect
control and/or authority '.  My voice is for ANYONE EXCEPT IATA.       


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