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Username: dbtoursint
Date/Time: Fri, November 3, 2000 at 5:57 PM GMT
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Subject: ASTA not representative of all travel agents


                Please take into consideration that ASTA "DOES NOT" represent "ALL" travel agencies or travel suppliers. ASTA is just one more association which would like to control the travel industry. When they say they have 26,000 members please take into consideration that that's what they mean members "NOT" agencies. They are similar to a union the same as the "Teamsters, UAW" & others. They say they have compromised with IATA. What consessions? How will they affect the travel industry? Will they require those who want the ".travel" domain be a member of ASTA?

Again I say the new ".travel" domain name "SHOULD NOT" be in the hands of any travel industry organization. The reason is very clear "they have a vested interest" & a possible conflict of interest.

The most fair & honorable way to assign the new ".travel" domain name would be through a third party outside the travel industry. The ".travel" domain should be issued in the same manor as the current ".com" domains are assigned. If IATA wants to have a ".air" domain name then so be it. If ASTA wants to have a ".ASTA" domain name that's fine. The ".travel" domain should be issued "WITHOUT PREJUDICE" of any organization. Both will have restrictions & promote themselves as "THE ONLY" authorized sellers of travel to line their pockets.



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