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Username: Need2Know2
Date/Time: Sat, October 21, 2000 at 9:18 AM GMT
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Subject: ICANN not Running  PopularityContest



I like to travel & use internet for booking alot, so IATA application was of interest to me.  In my country, IATA agents are mark of quality.  Passengers know they buy tickets from IATA agent they will not be ripped-off.  I have travelled to many countries with IATA ticket I buy from IATA travel agent, never have problem.  I know other people buy from non-IATA agent, maybe ticket will not be honoured, maybe they lose all their money.  So I think IATA honourable organisation that makes sure passengers never loses money.  Maybe travel agents don't like their rules, I dont know, but rules are there to protect the passengers.  At least I have neveer lost money buying tickets from IATA accredited agent. 

I read IATA aplication and think it makes lots of sense.  We don't need another .com where everybody can register with no standards.  Why repeat that?  It just means all the .com's will have to go register their names all over again and pay more money to the new registrar, with no added value for them or for consumers. 

Maybe these travel agent who post hateful comments in this forum fear they cannot qualify to meet IATA standards for .travel domain name, andsee competitive disadvantage in this proposal.  They make allegations against IATA, b ut do not say what is wrong with proposal idea of IATA.  Too bad for those travel agent if they do not qualify, but I want to do e-commerce with travel agents that meet IATA quality standards.  ICANN, please let this proposal go forward and give the internet public oopportunity to have quality control standards, not just first come first served like in .com. 

Thank you to consider my humble opinion.

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