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Username: ncc
Date/Time: Mon, October 23, 2000 at 3:23 PM GMT
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Subject: IATA .travel TLD


      While IATA is a 'non-profit' organization, it is owned by the world's major airlines and as such is mandated to further the goals of the airline industry.  This biased approach to the world travel marketplace can only benefit IATA's members and will not allow for an unbiased universal approach to the administration of a TLD as important as '.travel'.  The intent of the internet, as I understand it, is for the impartial global application of its resources.  Allowing one segment of the travel industry to control and define the use of the '.travel' TLD will certainly defeat the definitions of equal and open access by all travel related sectors to this vast and growing industry.

Although IATA is defined as a 'non profit' entity its mandate is to raise the bulk of its revenues outside of airline membership fees in the association.  The '.travel' TLD will become a major revenue source for IATA and as such only the best financed organizations will be able to have access to its use.  What is to stop IATA from reserving the domain names with the most marketing potential for use by its members or their affiliates?  The airline members of IATA are always working to forward their marketing agendas and why would they not use this new resource to its full commercial advantage?

As a member of the travel industry I feel that the administration of such a globally important TLD should be handled by an objective third party with absolutely no affiliations, direct or indirect, to the travel industry.  Only through an impartial administrator can this TLD be fairly distributed.

NC Christopher


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