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Username: djbytown
Date/Time: Thu, October 26, 2000 at 12:38 AM GMT
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Subject: IATA request for .Travel TLD


I am very much opposed to IATA as the administrator of the .Travel TLD.  IATA is an organization owned by airlines, just one facet of the travel industry.  I do not feel that IATA will be fair and impartial in the role of administrator. 

No matter who is chosen to manage .Travel it is imperative that they be absolutely impartial and owe no allegience to any segment of the travel industry.  This is not IATA.

Looking over the previous responses, I see that those in favor of IATA all seem to be from airlines or airline employees.  However, no other segment of the travel industry (tour operators, hotels, car rentals, etc.) are supportive of this proposal. 

A completely independent and impartial entity should be chosen to manage the TLD .Travel.

Thank you.       


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