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Username: cmania1
Date/Time: Thu, October 26, 2000 at 11:44 AM GMT
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Subject: I vote NO for IATA and .travel!!!!


I have viewed the application that the International Air transport Association submitted to ICANN to apply for the .travel TLD.  As a member of the travel agency community, I must ask several questions concerning this application. What will the impact be to the travel agency community if IATA is awarded this .travel TLD.  IATA, as the name indicates, is International Air transport Association. They are an organization whose prime audience is the airline industry. In light of the commission caps imposed by the airlines in the past, and in light that the travel agency community has suffered greatly by these caps, how can IATA propose that they are working in the best interest of all members of the travel agency community? They are no working for the travel agencies!! Additionally, IATA proposes to be a non-profit organization. If that is the case, why would IATA charge $ 100-500  for an annual membership to the .travel TLD. Where is all the surplus money going to go?  They already monopolize the travel industry with rules, red tape and bureaucracy. This would just add fuel to the fire. This is giving additional power to the already powerful. If they want to do something for the airlines, they should apply for the .air and charge all their airline members to join. They already have a .org why do they need a .travel? They are not impartial and we the travel agency community do not want IATA in this position. I say ICANN should get more input from the members of the travel community, not just from IATA and the airlines.

While I am on the subject, how does ICANN get away with charging a $50,000 non refundable application fee to apply for a new TLD?  That is outrageous. Only the "big boys" are in a position to apply. That is an absurb amount of money. You must have lawyers involved big time!!!!!


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