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Username: messeservice
Date/Time: Wed, November 1, 2000 at 3:34 PM GMT
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Subject: We approve of IATA's proposal


As with their "TID", IATA could provide with this proposal a tool to qualify and create confidence for those agencies and providers of transportation who care to apply,register and pay a fee.
As long as this fee is as modest as the annual fee for a "TID" I can't see any point in argueing this matter at all. As a travel-agency without full IATA-membership but with a lot of IATA turnover, we have taken advadtage from the "TID" on numerous cases.
The .travel TLD would help the serious and professional agents to create confidence from both: other suppliers and the potential clients.
We strongly support the application!

Ulrich M. Schoenknecht, Pres.
Messe Service Leipzig GmbH      


Link: Messe Service Leipzig GmbH

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