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Username: kpmg
Date/Time: Sat, November 4, 2000 at 7:12 PM GMT
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Subject: KPMG Consulting LP supports IATA's proposal for "DOT.TRAVEL"


KPMG Consulting LP supports IATA’s proposal to manage a new  “.travel” restricted Top Level Domain name. IATA has served the travel industry around the world as a neutral and trusted intermediary for more than 50 years. During this period, it established a reputation for administering a fair and effective process to facilitate cooperation among travel providers to meet  the needs of customers and improve service. IATA has built a long record of achievement in areas such as standard setting, code design and accreditation of travel businesses by using an impartial, global approach to many industry wide  issues. This kind of experience, on a global scale, is a prerequisite to the screening and verification functions critical to the success of the .travel  proposal.

Travel is now one of the largest and fastest growing segments of  e-commerce. However, many potential customers are reluctant to purchase travel on the web because of uncertainty about the reputation, reliability and qualifications of the service providers. The need for objective and transparent standards to ensure that a defined quality of service is being delivered to consumers is clear at a time when consumer confidence in the web media is low. Therefore, identifying a travel provider as an accredited  and trusted entity is a responsible and prudent response to market perceptions. The screening process proposed in the application is intended to grant accreditation to reputable travel entities and build consumer confidence and use of the media.  As well, it is a logical extension to the accreditation service that IATA has successfully administered for the travel industry for decades and will be a positive force in promoting change and growth in all segments of global travel.

As with many of their successful programs, IATA has demonstrated their openness to engage qualified external suppliers to help deliver effective industry solutions by selecting an independent registry operator. The outsourcing model used  by IATA to support technology driven services will continue to ensure quality supplier relationships are established on web based initiatives. 

KPMG Consulting has significant experience across multiple industry verticals in the evolving web environment and we have identified the need for and the existence of a conscious effort to streamline and authenticate trusted online entities.  We conclude the focus and intent of the “DOT.TRAVEL” initiative proposed  by IATA is consistent with those needs and if successful will benefit customers and the entire travel industry. The application is backed by the depth of IATA’s industry expertise, the ability to work with  diverse governance structures in all parts of the world and a long record as a not for profit, unbiased facilitator of travel industry wide issues. We strongly encourage ICANN to grant the IATA application.

KPMG Consulting LP – Toronto, Canada, November 4,2000


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