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Username: vivant
Date/Time: Tue, October 24, 2000 at 1:16 PM GMT
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Subject: IATA's application for .travel TLD


         I would like to voice my opposition to IATA's application to control the .travel TLD.  The travel industry is a global business, one that should not be controlled by any one entity.  Especially an entity that only looks out for the interests of the airlines that control it.  Why should IATA control such a world-wide recognized forum such as .travel?  There can be no other explanation except that they will force exhorbitant fees on those of us who may someday wish to use the .travel TLD.  Additionally, I'm sure that they will give preferences to the large airline companies who essentially control IATA.  I can not think of another anti-consumer action than this.  Further it would be extremely detrimental to the travel agency industry as a whole.  If IATA controls .travel they will be the "god" of the travel industry.  They will decide who can and who cannot use the .travel TLD.  This is patently unfair. 

IATA has no business deciding who is a legitimate travel provider and who is not.  For many years IATA has been controlled by the large airlines that exert control over it's actions.  If they control the .travel TLD they will have undue control and influence over a global industry that can not provide ANY benefit to the consumers at large and will be highly detrimental those of us already actively involved in the travel industry. IATA is attempting to control something that will not benefit consumers, but rather will simply line their pockets with money.

I urge you to reject IATA's application for control of .travel TLD.  As a travel agency owner I have constant contact with IATA and I see their control of .travel as frought with problems.  No consumer can benefit from this action.  The travel industry is far to global of a business to entrust IATA to decide who is a legitimate seller of travel products and who is not.  If the .travel TLD becomes a reality all of us in the travel industry will be forced (because of international recognition of the .travel TLD) to pay a ransom to IATA and to prove to them that we are legitimate sellers of travel.  I would respectfully ask, "what qualifies them to make such judgements?".  I urge you to reject their application.

Best regards,
Lynn Iredale
President, Bon Vivant Travel
West Chester PA 19380



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