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Username: Gullivers_Travel
Date/Time: Sat, November 4, 2000 at 10:29 AM GMT
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Subject: Yes to IATA; No to Travelocity Monopoly!


Travelocity's comment on the IATA application serves to confirm how much the IATA .travel proposal is needed by travel agents and consumers all over the world, and how significantly that proposal will introduce new competition into the sale of travel over the Internet, for the benefit of the public. 

Over the last few years Travelocity has established its presence among the dot-coms, and has taken away business at the expense of average retail travel agencies.  Even agencies that have their own web sites are at a disadvantage, because Travelocity is the big name that consumers know and trust. 

Now IATA comes along with a constructive proposal to introduce more competition into the sale of travel over the Internet, which has attracted the support of ASTA (28,000 travel agency members in the US) and UFTAA (48,000 travel agency members all over the rest of the world), along with a huge coalition of travel suppliers including hotels, railways, etc., etc., as well as travel consumer advocates (FATURE), all of whom agree IATA is perfectly qualified to sponsor this new and much needed TLD. 

And guess what?  Travelocity wakes up and realizes it may for the first time face some fair competition if ICANN grants the IATA proposal.  Travelocity may not need IATA's ".travel" TLD, but the rest of the travel industry does, if we are ever to have a chance to compete with the likes of Travelocity! 

I'm sure ICANN is smart enough to see right through to Travelocity's ulterior motive, but please, for the good of the independent travel agencies, and the good of the consumers, don't allow Travelocity's dominance of Internet travel sales to go unchallenged!  ICANN:  Please listen to ASTA, UFTAA, FATURE, as well as travel industry suppliers from all over the world and GRANT THE IATA PROPOSAL!!

Thank you for your consideration of our views. 

Gullivers Travel

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