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Username: nodot
Date/Time: Tue, October 31, 2000 at 3:34 PM GMT
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I respectfully ask that ICANN not give their permission for IATA, the International Air Transport Association, to create a new top-level domain name, ".travel" which will affect unfairly the way consumers by travel for years to come.
Serious issues need raising. 

1. IATA is an airline cartel! Not unbiased, by any means. They would, under this plan, be the administrator of .travel names and would have fundamental control over the actions of competitors.

What are the chances that IATA would allow "competitors" to grab up a .travel name without paying for it at an exorbitant cost(unlike getting a .com name)?  Or even allowing the competition to obtain a .travel name.

Is this where the Web is heading? 

2. The .travel designation will lead the public into believing naturally that only the .travel sites are legitimate or best for getting travel information and purchasing travel.  What will become of the .com travel entities that "can't get" .travel names?  The long-term effects can be devastating to small businesses. And perhaps turn the .com community upside down?

3.  IATA does not represent the entire travel industry.  Their only concern is for the airlines they represent. 

All travel businesses should be allowed to get a .travel name that is unused for a like fee (same as .com, .net, etc.)... without any bias allowed.  IATA is not the organization to do this.

Please think this through. Thank you for respectfully considering my views as a businessperson.


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