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At Large Elections:

Proposed Rules for Self-Nomination


The ICANN staff has posted a set of proposed rules for the self-nomination segment of the At Large Membership elections process. Please click here to see the text of the proposed rules. The self-nomination process will be one of two ways for candidates' names to appear on the final ballot; the other will be nomination by the Nominating Committee.

The Board actively seeks comments on the staff's proposal. Comments should be submitted by July 6, 2000, so that they reach the Board in time for consideration at its July 2000 meeting in Yokohama. The Board expects that the Election Committee will in July post for public review and comment its proposals for the campaign and voting segments, along with its recommendations for the online voting system, so that the Board can consider rules for those segments at its July 15-16 meetings in Yokohama.)

Comments through Friday, 7 July 2000

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