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Username: cgrady
Date/Time: Fri, October 13, 2000 at 8:22 PM GMT
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Subject: You can buy technical expertise, redundant hardware, and reliable bandwidth but YOU CANT BUY...



Your concerns are valid, however, the technical expertise required to build scaleable and reliable systems can be purchased, redundant and reliable hardware can be purchased, and sufficient/stable bandwidth can be purchased. YOU CANNOT PURCHASE GOOD CORPORATE VALUES, ETHICAL BEHAVIOR, and a RESPECT FOR CUSTOMERS, all of which I have experienced from IOD.  Additionally, Afilias/Network Solutions does NOT hold a monopoly on the world's only tech talent in the fields necessary to run a registry. They are hiring from the same tech-talent pool that the rest of the high tech companies are fishing in.

I somehow feel what you're trying to say is that only an existing company with existing employees, existing systems, and a pile of cash should be granted a new TLDs. This is exactly what we are trying to avoid. If that were a pre-requisite for issuing a TLD then everyone would always assume that the Network Solutions Monopolodynasty (with their registrars) should get ALL of the new TLD's.

Your comment regarding Network Solutions inability to serve customers is a problem Network Solutions has had since day 1, before they were a multi-billion dollar company. Once you engrain a monopolistic mentality into an organization it is extremely difficult to rid that organization of those habits (ie: ignoring your customers) . Ask anybody who has had the misfortune or dealing with Network Solutions from the beginning.

Enter the new .com, .net, and .org registrars:

My company has been in the process of moving every single domain name under it's control, from Network Solutions over to We have moved approximately 90% of our domain names (and those of our clients) over to them. In many cases it has cost us (out of pocket) the equivalent of 1 years registration for each transfer to do so. Why did we do this? When you call's 800 number you get a real person. One who will handle the problem right then and there. Even under the most stressful loads they proven to us to be the epitome of what a registrar should be. You can manage, add, modify, delete, and transfer your domains online.

IOD has provided these same services and same quality support for quite some time. Granted they have far fewer domains to manage, however for a 4 person company, I have ALWAYS spoken with a REAL person when I call them. ALWAYS get a human response to my emails. I even get prompt responses from the President of the company Chris Amble (who also has been participating (in person) on these bulleting boards. So I repeat myself: YOU CANNOT PURCHASE GOOD CORPORATE VALUES, ETHICAL BEHAVIOR, RESPECT FOR CUSTOMERS

Allusions on this bboard to Ken Stubbs conflict of interest, Afilias being Network Solutions in sheeps clothing and misconduct by ICANN are enough to make ones blood run cold and make any unbiased person run in the opposite direction.

Kind Regards,
Chris Grady
Vieodata, Inc.


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