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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Sun, October 15, 2000 at 6:16 PM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.01 using Windows 98
Score: 5
Subject: I Support Dot Web and IOD


      TO the  THe ICANN Board/Staff,

My name is Greg Krajewski and I am a dot web registrant with IOD.  By trade I am a web designer and hope to create my business Killer.web once and if Dot web/IOD is given the go ahead.  In short I plan to use my dot web domains to build businesses and create jobs.  I posted a few months ago on the IOD board about the importance of domain names in their current state...They effect commerce!  So when choosing a domain name for not only stability issues, you must consider the economic factors...I chose the dot web domain for that very reason...TO me doesn't provide flexibility if I choose to change my business focus...Killer.web on the otherhand clearly allows me free reign...which is a benefit to me as a consumer...  One thing...If dot web is selected...Why should I get to use the dot web domain?  I have posted a link below that will explain why I think so...what I want to focus on is this issue with innovation and first come first served...IN business...clearly that is what keeps businesses going...Keeps them stable...For if we create a socialism, where registries are not allowed to establish prior use ...then we will have people waiting for application...selection...whomever has the most money..type thing...PEOPLE WILL NOT ACTIVELY GO OUT AND TRY TO CREATE...DO YOU SEE....And as for me...buying a dot web domain..I was clearly given a choice whether or not to buy one from IOD...This very act of my choosing did not have to be sanctioned by we still work under capitalism (I hope)...the question and the debate here is do I have a right to use this domain...YES...and I can if I want to, however very few people can see it...(I defer going to an alternate internet rather choosing to back ICANN by doing this)...Will I have the right to use the domain if Dot Web is chosen...Again..YES (IN my opinion, and obviously I do have a self interest), but the reason I say yes, is I am giving you a REASON why...and that reason is..if I chose to wait, someone else would definitely registered Killer.web EVEN before I had any chance...No I risked and have been slowing building this brand (I have a internet website named Killer.web)...Should I not get the right to that domain...then we have the situation with the registry above...I won't bother to risk...or innovate...clearly two things that will bring the internet to a have heard the moto..."Innovate or Die"...So some of you may feel...that everyone should be given a chance at a clean slate...I am sorry by I disagree, ladies and gentlemen...I will be proven correct...if we do not allow the FIRST USE claim to be sacred on the internet...Will there be some companies that try to crate XYZ domains and try to sell domains not in existence (to the A root servers)..YES...They have every right to...Nonetheless it is up to the consumer to make the choice whether to buy...Just the same if I were to buy stocks from a company that is creating new technology...they clearly have to present their case to the buying's called a prospectus...of which IOD for example has...(FAQ page in this instance)....YES ICANN needs to be the one to approve new TLD's to the root server...We unfortunately need to bring a consensus like organization to the name-space (until technology supercedes you)...SO please vote for dot web and IOD...they will bring the internet community together...if not...another organization is  forming a "alternate internet",176,504,00.html?

And yes they too have a right to create and innovate this alternate internet...Do I agree with it know as I stand before you...however I cannot say, that someday I wouldn't join them...I want to see Killer.web be seen, create jobs in my state of south dakota...and be a posititve member of this unified community...Thanks!

Gregory W. Krajewski
Support/Organizer of dot WEB/IOD


Link: Vote Dot Web and IOD

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