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Username: anthony
Date/Time: Sat, October 14, 2000 at 1:17 PM GMT
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Subject: JConnors then why ".web"?


I see where you are comong from. I have read the applications and both are strong.

You must realise though that many of the .web supporters here have been following this for years.

For so long it has been a case of when will there be new TLDs and even now there is no guarantee that one of them will be .web.

Afilias has leaped on the bandwaggon (formed in September this year) by grouping together some of the biggest players some of which are actively involved in the selection process.

This comes after many of us have been wondering whether something fishy was going on because the process was being dragged on so much. Almost as if to milk .com dry before things could move on.

If Afilias had applied for .info alone then the issues of conflicted interest would still be there but frankly less people would care.

The fact that they have deliberately targeted what is the strongest potential competitior to any of their current or proposed registries is what makes the apparant corruption more worrysome.

There has been little love lost between these parties over the years - particularly as IOD has been such a thorn in the side trying to shimmy things along and challenge NSI's monopoly.

The IOD application is pretty water tight. It had to be. Applying for time to prepare is only mature. Indeed only someone with a monopoly already in place wouldn't need this and unlike NSI IOD have commited themselves to providing a good service - rather than just providing a service.


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