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Username: David Coombs
Date/Time: Tue, October 17, 2000 at 10:04 PM GMT
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Subject: Sole registrar and cost of registry


      I very much appreciate your response Mr Ambler, it currently appears there will be no such satisfaction from the other candidates which I would think bodes well for your application.

      As to the aspect of IOD initially being sole registrar for .web (if granted the TLD); I am not a technical expert in what it takes to establish a stable registry, but I am willing to take you at your word that certain testing is necessary for registrars befor they can come online.  What I would hope that ICANN would decide is to 'freeze' registrations of .web until a decided upon quorom of registrars were tested and capable of registering .web addresses.  This would allow a more competitive, free market environment to establish a fair registrars margin/price (which I suspect would be well below the $20 in your proposal).  My personal opinion is that just because NSI was initially the sole registrar does not make that the right path in the current environment.  Certainly, I have the same concerns for any and all other TLD applications whose business plan involves them being the sole registrar.

     As far as the price of the registry is concerned, again it appears this would be mainly addressed through negotiations with ICANN subsequent to the selection of TLDs.  However, the fact that NSI is clearly very profitable doing business at $6 indicates to me that a $15 registry fee is excessive.

     In the hopes that my comments aren't misinterpreted, I am all for a company making every effort to make as much money as it can.  I just have issues when that money is made by the restriction and/or elimination of a competitive environment.  This sentiment is reflected both in my comments above and my even greater reservations of an NSI controlled .web TLD.

    Your responses to the myriad of concerns people have posted is much appreciated and I laud your efforts.




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