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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Sun, November 5, 2000 at 10:21 PM GMT
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Subject: IOD is a globally recogized stable registry


      I will "try" to make my comments brief, as I think my previous posts clearly explain why I support IOD and it's application for the Dot WEB TLD.

What I want to say in short:   IOD is and has been globally recognized as a pioneer registry (comments from individuals around the world show that) is not some renegade registry who is "pre-registering" domains or a Johnny-Come-Lately or as we have recently seen "consortiums" (Same registrars, different name) that "put" a couple of "deals" together to vie for the Dot WEB TLD. 

Is this the kind of approach (this last) one that will build confidence in the DNS and stabilize it....When Melbourne IT's stock jumped on it's news that it was "aligning" itself with Neustar and now we come to find out that isn't true at least at least for the DOT WEB TLD (Neustar is aligning with JV, whose is involved in a number of TLD applications)...IOD applied for JUST one TLD, which they built a top notch, innovative registry system around...

If the people who use the internet mean anything to this process, we are saying to you loud and clear:  Give this pioneer registry (with a solid technical plan) a chance to bring some BADLY needed competition into this business.  How many years does NSI have left on its contract to "play nice"???  What will happen when that ends?? We better hope that a competitive atomosphere exists in the DNS.  Otherwise, what motivation is there on NSI's part to create new technologies, or better their customer service.  Remember both NSI and now own the "back-end" part of this business with Great Domains and respectively....

Lastly, thank you ICANN for this board (I do have recommendations to improve it, however I will let that go for another day), I know that I have been passionate on this board, but I hope that I have backed up my comments with actual facts, and made them abundantly clear.. I am committed to see that a competitive, growth orientated DNS exists by the time NSI's contract ends.  Not the opposite..

Gregory W. Krajewski
Dot Web/IOD Supporter


Link: IOD's application, "Second to NONE!!!"

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