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Username: james fryer
Date/Time: Fri, November 3, 2000 at 9:50 AM GMT
Browser: Netscape Communicator V4.5 using Windows 98
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Subject: .WEB still seems pointless


        >First of all, .com stands for commercional.

The point of a tld is it tells you something about the rest of the domain. .COM tells me that the domain is commercial as opposed to .EDU, .MIL etc.  In the early days of the internet this was all that was required. The problem now is that so many commercial users are on the internet that the .COM domain is too narrow to be informative.

>.web would stand for the miscellaneous web-users, whether they do
>business or private things.

So .WEB tells me what exactly about the domain? That they are on the web? Couldn't I have figured that out for myself? .WEB is as uninformative as .COM.

You appear to be thinking about this from the point of view of the person who owns the domain. Think instead about the person using the web browser. How can the domain system help them?

Suppose I am looking for foobar, the car manufacturers. Should I look at FOOBAR.COM or FOOBAR.WEB? The answer is that I will need to look at both. We already have this in the UK with .CO.UK. Far better to have FOOBAR.AUTO which I can guess right away.

>Did you realize, that without the unexpected "dot com effect" the
>internet might still be less active and attractive than it is now?

I don't accept this. The effect of the limited domain range has been to create an artificial market in "cybersquatted" domain names. .WEB does nothing to solve this. The growth of the internet is in spite of the domain name problem, not because of it.

>The roads are similar to the gtlds

The domain names are just names. They are nothing like roads. We need a scalable set of tlds that are going to be truly useful to people and that aren't going to create a new market for cybersquatters. Just because a lot of people want .WEB doesn't make it a good idea.

>Trademark violations are a weak argument, too.

Sorry, I don't recall mentioning trademarks.     


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