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Username: SayNoToIOD
Date/Time: Wed, October 25, 2000 at 11:35 PM GMT
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Subject: the jury will say no


  .web is so controversial that the only smart thing ICANN can do is just to drop it, unless they are willing to spend all of their ICANN money and some personal money of Directors in lawsuits.

  ICANN is not stupid and will not go there.

  Let's assume that they do it and IOD gets .web.

  Than it will be blocked by lawsuits. Than the judge will ask
the jury:

"Did you know of a system allowing registration of .web before
Oct. 2000 ?"

Jury is made of real people not Internet nerds and computer geeks, right? Guess what the answer will be.

"No your honor we did not know of anything like that."  

Be smart,
Be reasonable,

Say NO to .web




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