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Username: huckers
Date/Time: Sun, October 15, 2000 at 9:28 PM GMT
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Subject: .WEB Registry - IODesign is the ONLY choice


                        I dont think I have ever seen such an emotive message board before. The most amazing thing is the messages are about the same topic and the overwhelming MAJORITY have the same view. When it comes to granting the new .WEB TLD, there can be only one choice, IODesign.

We are all aware of the history behind the organisation so I would repeat what has already been said but I feel that a company that has acted in such a professional manor that they should be given the chance to run the .web registry. IANA thought they were worthy originally which is why they now have a fully functional system in place and impressive customer service. Its a shame that some of the other TLD's registries cannot boast the same (I speak from experience).

I am from the UK, where the internet was born (in 1970's) and fully support ICANN's decision to open up the monopoly that has been enjoyed by Network solutions for too long. Remember, back in 1994 wasnt there a move to prosecute Microsoft for anti competitive behaviour? Doesnt that ring any bells with the Afilias proposition. I recall Network Solutions being one of the remembers..........but dont they already have a monopoly!!!!!. Open the internet up to the people as that is what the internet is fundamentally built on, people not multi billion pound organisations.

If ICANN truly want to open up competition then it must be IODesign.


Mark Huckstep


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